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10 Benefits of Marijuana For Stress

Out of the nearly one and a half billion dollars the government spends on marijuana research, only about 20% of that money is spent on medical research. While we know that there are new medicinal effects found on a daily basis, most spending is allocated for chasing...

Determining your CBD oil dosage for PTSD

By Norman Mondragon What is CBD?   CBD is a prevalent chemical in the cannabis plant Marijuana. When removed from cannabis it is isolated and given the name Cannabidiol. CBD is different than THC. THC is a psychoactive chemical that produces the common feeling of...

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PTSD Medical Marijuana Patient Interview

By: KitsapMMJ “ Me personally smoke for my PTSD, anxiety, spasms, to eat, to take care of the nausea after I eat, and for the pain”. The video starts off with a quote from the patient. He smokes for six different reasons,to relieve pain everyday. Medical marijuana...